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About Me

Beyond the superficial, and yet often unadorned musical offerings that are so associated with emerging artists of today, it is only habitual and instinctive to ask the question, Who is Roc O Star? Well, when talent meets rock music and a realistic story, synergistically, it can create a combustion that is poised to change the face of rock music, as we know it…that is Roc O Star! Now back to the question, some may know Roc O Star as a solid producer and writer that has been working behind the music scenes. Others recognize him as a loving father and a successful gym owner.
Roc O Star is much more than the expectations from his often-dismal life experiences, which are reflected in many of his songs. He is a true testament of coming from nothing, with nothing, armed with nothing except a love for music and determination. This was enough to aid him in overcoming many of the traps of his dilapidated surroundings and chaotic ills of the streets. Sure, he went through a period of his life where he fell prey onto the ill tracks of urban society, but he learned its lessons, worked tirelessly to change his mind body and soul, and did a 180-degree maneuver to change the trajectory of his destiny. He now direct all of his energies into being the best version of himself that he can be; unselfishly helping
youths and being creative with his prized possession…Music!

Roc O Star inherited the proverbial “music genes” from his paternal side of his family. Unfortunately, his father, who was an extremely gifted man with a modest hit, died tragically of alcohol abuse. His mother, though still alive today, finds herself spiraling down the same path as his dad. While growing up, Roc O Star didn’t have the most desirable parental guidance and often found himself at the helm of every major decision and life choices made which affected his life at such a young and vulnerable age. Left alone, to practically self raise himself, this disadvantage caused him to quickly adapt a hustle or die mentality. This meant he had to do whatever was necessary to survive. Reflecting on those days, Roc O Star says, “Growing up on your own often meant you have to do what you have to do to survive… and I did – you either hustle or you don’t eat! I’ve slept on many streets until I was finally able to save enough money to live a more settled life.” Roc O Star goes on to say, “Growing up everyone was into rap but I’ve always wanted to be different, so rock and a mix of soul was my thing – then a touch of hip hop help me create my style. Rock music, like rap, is a way I can express real life issues and help others make better choices than I did.” Leaving the obstacles of his past behind, Roc O Star has proven that he has more than the essentials to overcome. His music is solid as a rock and he is destined to be a star. Roc O Star is untapped talent and unparallel potential that is making the quantum leap forward toward greatness!

The Music

Roc O Star’s music is rock with soul and a splash of hip-hop. This untapped lane is what set him apart from many artists today. This affords him the opportunity to be a global and worldwide star. In addition to the songs, he uses great visuals in his videos to help convey messages of change, hope, despair and inspirations, as told through the backdrop of his personal life experiences. With a strong desire to succeed, Roc O Star is quickly building a reputation as an artist who can merge rock, soul and street level realism with a honesty that will afford him the ability to solidify a fan base that may last well beyond this current age of fast-fading in a twinkling of a eye gratification within the music industry. Not one to be pretentious with all the gaudy trappings as in most videos, Roc O Star distances himself from being fake, but would rather express messages that will serve as a inspiration in helping others to learn from his mistakes. In the finality of it all, he evinces that “There is no happy ending to hustling!” He makes music that normal everyday people can relate to. Roc O Star goes on to say “I fight for the little guy. There are hundreds of millions of me out there that do what they have to do to put food on table.”

Roc O Star first single is called “Driving. “ This song is one of a five part mini movie anthology entitle “Face 2 Face.” The single and video Driving let us odyssey through Roc O Star’s life. We see him at a point where he goes against his better judgment thus allowing himself to make risky foolish decisions, which ended up costing him more than what he could have anticipated or bargained for.

The Videos

This will be a five-part story and mini-series Ep entitled Face 2 Face coming Jan 2018

1) Driving – Is about taking risks and the recompenses of such risks. For every action, there is a reaction, good or bad! The main character is out hustling to be a provider of life essentials to his son.

2) War – is about the consequence of the father’s actions. His child is now on the same destructive path as his father.

3) Smile – Video shows – The father is released from prison. With this newfound freedom, his life is now all golden right?? Wrong! Unfortunately he gets out to discover his family is in the throes of shambles with newfound difficulties.

4) She Work – Depicts a kid having to grow up with a life riddled with abuse. This is the genesis of the journey, which eventually leads to a destructive life.

5) City – The main character is now redirecting his energies and reassembling his life.

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