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"High Of Your Lovin" (Official Music Video)


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"She Work" (Official Music Video)


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"Driving " (Official Music Video)


About Me

Music was passed down from my dad’s side of the family but he died tragically of alcohol abuse and mom still alive but travel down the same road. Never really had a role model so I raised myself. Growing up own you own means you have to do what you have to do to survive and I did – hustle or don’t eat. I slept on many streets till I finally put enough money to be settled.  Growing up everyone was into rap but I always wanted to be different so rock and a mix of soul was my thing – then a touch of hip hop help me create my style.  Rock Music like rap is a way I can express real life issues an help others make better choices than I did.

The Music 

“She Work” Single Mom Anthem


My new single “She Work “and EP  “Undamaged – The Story Of Me”  touch on my life story – Roc O Star not the glorified entertainer all the stuff in video I don’t really own but with message to teach people to learn from other mistakes – there is no happy ending to hustling.  I make music that normal people can relate to.  I fight for the little guy. Their hundreds of millions of me out their that do what they have to do to put food on table.


The Videos

This will be a five-part story and mini-series Ep entitled “UNDAMGED – The Story Of Me” coming May 2018

1) Driving – Is about taking risks and the recompenses of such risks. For every action, there is a reaction, good or bad! The main character is out hustling to be a provider of life essentials to his son.

2) War – is about the consequence of the father’s actions. His child is now on the same destructive path as his father.

3) Smile – Video shows – The father is released from prison. With this newfound freedom, his life is now all golden right?? Wrong! Unfortunately he gets out to discover his family is in the throes of shambles with newfound difficulties.

4) She Work – Depicts a kid having to grow up with a life riddled with abuse. This is the genesis of the journey, which eventually leads to a destructive life.

5) City – The main character is now redirecting his energies and reassembling his life.

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